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cherrydale about fundraising

Whether this is your first fundraising campaign, or you've been at it for years, you may have a few questions before you get started. Our job is to make your job easier.

To get answers fast, scroll down to see some of the questions we've already addressed, based on our years of experience. And if you need more information, don't hesitate to ask! You can email us at or call our customer service support staff at 1-877-619-4822.
Our job is to make your job easier, which means ensuring you have everything you need for the easiest, most successful campaign possible.

General Fundraising Questions

What is product fundraising?
Product fundraising is one of the most preferred ways many non-profit organizations choose to raise money. Non-profit groups benefit from being able to sell both name-brand and unique, specialty items to friends, family, and community members, and keep a portion of the proceeds. As your product fundraising partner, Cherrydale provides high-quality products, attractive color brochures, and a turnkey selling process to support nonprofit groups who want to raise the maximum amount of funds with a minimal amount of effort.
Why is product fundraising effective?
Most "do-it-yourself" fundraising efforts – bake sales, car washes, special events – tend to be more labor-intensive and less profitable than product fundraising. As your product fundraising partner, Cherrydale provides guidance and support, troubleshoots any problems that may arise, and reduces volunteer time and energy while maximizing sales. Product sales work in general because people like buying products for a worthy cause, and groups appreciate getting fast results and an easy-to-use program. Cherrydale fundraising ideas work particularly well because we carry highly desirable products people want to buy, resulting in a consistent, reliable fundraiser that every nonprofit group could use.
What does it take to run a successful product fundraising campaign?
The most successful product fundraiser will include an enthusiastic volunteer sales force, outstanding products people want to buy, and a fundraising partner that provides top notch service from beginning to end of the campaign. Having a product fundraising partner with decades of experience, such as Cherrydale, is one of the best ways to avoid pitfalls and deliver successful results. Learn more on our Sales Tips page.
How can Cherrydale help our organization in our fundraising efforts?
When you work with Cherrydale, you get decades of experience on your team. With our help, more than 20,000 schools and organizations raise over $66 million annually. Our brochures offer a multitude of products, ranging from gift wrap to licensed brand items to our proprietary chocolates and confections. And our well-honed systems make the process of the sale – from beginning to end – easy and profitable for you and your team to run.
Can any group or organization participate in Cherrydale’s fundraisers?
Yes, any non-profit group that needs additional monies and has a solid base of volunteers willing to help run a fundraising campaign can benefit from our programs.
Do I have to go door-to-door to make the program a success?
Definitely not. We strongly discourage any door-to-door sales to strangers for the safety of the fundraisers. We have found it is far more effective to reach out to parents, family members, friends, and co-workers in person and online.
How do I get started?
Simply contact us and we will connect you with the Fundraising Sales Consultant in your area. He or she will ask for pertinent details about your organization to make sure you get the most useful information and recommendations for your group. You'll then receive a complete, tailored packet of brochures we offer. Your Consultant will also follow-up with you to see if you have questions, and be available to coach you through the process, from beginning to end.
Can I choose to use any number or combination of brochures?
While you are welcome to choose from the many brochures and programs we offer, we have learned from experience that a more targeted campaign is often the most successful. Your Fundraising Sales Consultant will take the time to learn about your organization and guide you to the best possible combination to help maximize your profits. Your input and insight into what you think will work best also plays an important role in determining the campaign focus. Learn more about the different brochures we have available for your fundraiser.
What percentage of fundraising sales will my group receive?
Most of our programs generate 40%-50% profit for the organization. The final figure depends on products you select, the prize programs included, and any additional services you request. Your Fundraising Sales Consultant will be able to share a firm number once these details are finalized.
How do your free incentive programs work?
Cherrydale offers a wide selection of prize programs to help motivate your sellers. We carry both cumulative and pick-a-prize-style programs, and prizes are available for all ages. Most prize programs are free to the organization, with the exception of those that may be added and tailored to the specific needs of a group. In these cases, a group may choose to pay for these additions, or split the costs with your Cherrydale Sales Consultant.
Does Cherrydale require a minimum order to hold a product sale?
No, there is no minimum order required. However, there are sales levels to meet to receive free shipping. Your Fundraising Sales Consultant can go over these thresholds with you so you can keep them in mind when you place your order. Your Consultant can review the shipping rates and help you avoid additional shipping costs wherever possible.
Do you require any money up front?
No, there is no payment required up front. Your Cherrydale Consultant will review payment policies with you to select the best payment option for your organization.
Who can I call if I have questions during my product fundraising campaign?
If at anytime you have questions, please contact your Fundraising Sales Consultant or Customer Service Representative via email at We're here to make your job easier and we'll be by your side every step of the way.
Do I have to pay for the product brochures I need to run my campaign?
No. Cherrydale will send you as many fundraising product brochures as you need, at no charge.
How much selling time do you recommend for a successful campaign?
Plan on two to three weeks of selling, including at least two weekends. If a sale is too short, your sellers won't have adequate time to reach enough prospects and collect orders. But if the length of the sale is too long, your sellers may lose momentum.
Do I collect the money at the time the sale is made or on delivery?
You can use either pre-pay or post-pay methods. Pre-pay is when your sellers take orders and receive payment upfront. These funds are deposited in your account. Post-pay is when your sellers take orders but collect either when picking up orders or after delivery has been made.
What do I do once all orders and monies have been collected?
Contact your salesperson and let him or her know that you are ready to either send in orders or have them picked up. Depending on your location and salesperson, he or she will guide you through the shipping process.
When will I know how much money we've made?
Usually within five days of receiving your orders at our tally department, you can go online and review your invoice summaries. Your Chairperson will be given a 4-digit code and school identification number to use in retrieving many different reports online. You will also receive all of these reports the day of delivery in the form of a bound folder.
When and how should I remit payment?
Payment is net due upon receipt of invoice. We accept a cashier's check, school check or business account check for the total amount due, which you'll find at the bottom of the invoice. Please note that balances unpaid after 30 days will incur finance charges of 1.50%. Please send payment to the "remit to" address printed on your invoice. Your profit is the difference between the monies collected and the payment to Cherrydale. Congratulations!
When will I receive my order?
Most orders will be tallied, packed and shipped to your organization no later than three weeks after they are placed. If at any time you want to check your order status, don't hesitate to call your Fundraising Sales Consultant.
Are shipping charges included?
As long as shipping minimums are met, you won't pay extra for freight. Make sure to discuss those minimums with your Fundraising Sales Consultant so you aren't surprised by an unanticipated shipping charge.
What’s the best location for distributing the order?
Gymnasiums, cafeterias or other large areas make excellent distribution locations. Be sure you have at least two adult volunteers available during order pick-up, as it can get hectic.
When should I begin distributing the products?
Begin distribution of orders the day of, or the day after, they arrive. Set a specific date and time for pick-up, and try to accommodate after school or evening pick-up times so it is convenient for everyone. Make sure notices are sent to your entire team of sellers with the date(s) and time(s) of distribution. Also, it is a good idea to have a back-up plan for anyone who can't come during your pick-up times.
What do I do when my shipment arrives?
Count the boxes you have received and compare them with the delivery receipt. If they match, sign off on the delivery receipt. If there is a damaged or a missing box, please let your Fundraising Sales Consultant or Customer Service Representative know so we can issue a proper credit and/or make a re-shipment (at no cost to you). We recommend sorting orders by classroom if your organization is a school, or by seller if not. This will make distribution easier.
Is it O.K. if food products are un-refrigerated for a period of time?
All perishable products need to be refrigerated ASAP. Any orders that are not picked up during your distribution times must be refrigerated immediately. Plan for pick-up of perishable items carefully, and be sure your sellers understand the importance of refrigeration in delivering a quality product to their customers. Cherrydale is not responsible for product left out and not stored properly. If refrigeration might pose a challenge for your group, consider choosing non-perishables for your campaign instead.

Chairperson Help

What if a check is made out to the company and not our school?
Stamp with the school endorsement, mark them payable to the school and put through with the other checks.
What do I do if an order is received and not enough money is turned in?
If you have received the majority of the money, go ahead and process the order and send home a the Order Discrepancy Note (you can download this from the Portal). Make a notation of amount due on your Yellow copy. If you do not have full payment by delivery, put the order aside until payment is received.
Will there be a copy of the order form in each student’s order at delivery?
Yes! The original WHITE copy of the order form that was submitted to the company will be packed in each student’s order. If the order was FROZEN only, the white copy of the order form will be returned in the Sponsor Box.
What do I do if an order is turned in late after all orders have been sent off to the company?
From the time your orders are sent off, you will have 3 additional days to submit any late orders received. Please fax or scan copies and email them to your sales representative. Late orders received after 3 days from order submission will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Contact your sales representative for direction.
What do I do with all the money that is turned in with the Seller Packets?
Deposit all money received into your group’s bank account. Do not hold deposits as you want received checks to clear at the bank ASAP in an effort to reduce the chances of NSF.
When and how do I send payment to the company?
Prior to your delivery you will be sent a detailed invoice for what is owed to the company. To avoid any late fee penalty, payment needs to be made at delivery or within 10 days of delivery.
What happens if something is missing or damaged from a student’s order?
Call your Cherrydale Representative or our customer service at 1-877-619-4822.
What happens if an entire student order is missing at time of delivery?
Call your Cherrydale Representative or our customer service at 1-877-619-4822.
How long should I keep all of the fundraising paperwork and yellow copies of the order forms?
Occasionally something may come up several weeks after your sale is over. It is a good idea to keep all yellow copies until the end of the school year.
How will students get their prizes, and will online orders count?
Prizes from prize brochures will usually come packed in each student’s individual order unless you have requested that they be packed by classroom or bulk. If you are running a FROZEN sale, each prize will be labeled with the student’s name, room and teacher, and all prizes will be packed by classroom.
Online purchases will count toward earned prize levels. The student will earn credit from online sales until the sale end date. A credit for 40% of most online orders purchased on your school’s behalf will be generated and applied to your account when the sale ends. Items purchased through Cherrydale’s online Market Square have variable profit up to 40% and will also be credited to your school. Your school will continue to earn credit year-round for any online orders purchased on your school’s behalf. Prizes will not be awarded to students for sales made beyond the end of the fundraiser.
Bonus prizes will be delivered by the sales representative.

Learn more about the Cherrydale difference and get started on your fundraiser today!

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